Producer of Caps and Plugs for pipes.



Our Company came into being in 1986 and has been on a trade – production marker since then.

Since the beginning we have been cooperating with heavy industries, machine industries, but most of all with metallurgy factors. Focusing on the market demands, our Company was one of the first in Poland, who introduced the caps and plugs production.

We deal with the production of plastic caps and plugs for pipes with the longest diameter of 273 millimetres. Our products are made from the materials of the highest quality which made them highly resistible to external extreme weather conditions like snow, rain and sun. Because of these factors, our products can be used inside spaces as well as on the outside.




We can offer You an enormous range of plastic Caps and Plugs for profiles and pipes for which we guarantee the best level of quality and durability.

We also have internal Plugs for square and rectangular profiles, bold and nut caps for screws, protectors for nuts and Caps for technological openings.

Our products have been used mainly in metallurgy, machine industries, electro technical fabrics, building companies and furnishing firms.       


We have many clients in Poland:

Huta im. T. Sendzimira

Huta „Częstochowa”


Huta „Andrzej”

Huta „Zabrze”






Stocznia „Szczecin”

„Energomontaż Północ”







„PUMAR” i wiele innych.


Years of practise let us develop and workout unprecedented standards with the great range of different products for using on a very different fields. We guarantee that we are able to prepare even the most complicated order professionally and on time.

Our Company administrate qualified, experienced loyal employees. What is more we pay attention for quality, high standards and punctuality in our work.


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